“You are a photographer, Harry”. Actually, not really. Peter's journey to being a photographer was a long and tangled one.
In 2016 mooo-ved out of the corporate herd and chose the film production path before finding photography, his love at second sight.

He may be a newbie in the photography however, Peter has already worked with a number of big names such as Miss World Tatiana Kuchařová, Olga Plojhar, Czech Miss Finalist Angelika Kostyshyn, actors Jiří Langmajer and Marek Lambora. 

Static images of landscape and objects were never Peter’s thing. He is after dynamics, sappiness and versatility, so his main focus is portrait photography and thanks to his background in film production also backstage photography. His portraits are playful, broadminded and straightforwardly capture what’s in front of the camera. 

Peter’s never studied photography and he is not a renowned photographer (yet) but with his rapid start and his passion and precision he's hot on the heels of many professional types.